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It’s great to be able to display that the business is giving back and are on our way to becoming Carbon Neutral.


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Plant a tree scheme

‘Planting trees is the biggest and most economical way to tackle the climate crisis. Trees store pollutants such as carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Scientists say the effect trees have is mind blowing as they negate emissions that are pumped into the air by human activity.’

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Working outside all day for the past 20+ years we have seen a lot of change and well we feel it’s our time to make a difference.

We started the Tree Planting Scheme to help businesses give back and take a step forward to becoming carbon neutral.

We provide and we plant trees & hedging on behalf of our clients either on their own land or on ours.

We then calculate the absorption of carbon and release of oxygen the client’s trees have made and provide an annual report.

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